R & R


Because we try to keep this place as open, safe and natural as possible, we expect a certain code of behaviour from our guests.

A basic respect is all that is required.

Do I really have to outline the totally obvious?


Keeping the land, water and air clean.

This means:

  1. Bullet For the Land:

No litter. (We have limited recycling facilities, and guests are expected to take their litter away for disposal.)

No activities which cause damage.

No cutting of firewood.

(We will provide suitable timber at reasonable cost)

  1. Bullet For the Water:

No washing products in the river.

No ‘offerings’ at the spring.

  1. Bullet For the Air:

No burning of rubbish of any kind.

No smoking. (seriously?)

If you would like to use your time here to overcome the obnoxious tobacco habit, we will give you all the help and encouragement we can.

If you really are not ready to give up your addiction, we expect that you keep it to yourself, and leave absolutely no trace behind.

  1. Bullet For the Spirit:

No loud or drunken behaviour.

This will NOT be tolerated.

  1. Bullet For All of the Above:

No pets. We have every kind of animal you would

expect to find in the Irish countryside. We are not

willing to accept responsibility for any more.

No under-18s. After much deliberation, we have

decided to keep an Adults-only site.

  1. Rest & Relaxation is what we are about here.

  2. We provide a natural, quiet environment for the enjoyment of all our guests.

  3. Unfortunately, as not everyone knows how to behave in the face of darkness, silence, and in the vicinity of other people, we have had to draw up a few guidelines.

  4. Sorry to have to call them

Rules & Regulations.

Enter at your Own Risk:

 Potential guests should realize that this is not a Bord Failte registered camp-site.  

 Visitors should please note they are not covered by public liability insurance.

Still interested?

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