Natural History.

This whole area is one of low level farming and mountain land, plantation and moorland.

Birdlife is most abundant, with hedges full of all the native

songbirds and some migrants.

Barn owls at dusk.

Sparrowhawks fly through.

Ravens dance the sky above.

At least ten pairs of nesting swallows, this year.

And on the mountain, hen harriers and cuckoos.

In the wood crossbills and other woodland birds. Rare red

squirrel and pine marten.

Dragonflys abound and we have a healthy community of bumble bees buzzing the gardens and orchards.

All in all a wonderland of nature’s bounty.

All Ireland’s  wild flowers and herbs grow in the natural untreated fields.

We also enjoy every kind of native fern.

Foxglove. (digitalis)

Ferns and Willows in the River Glade.