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Email, text or call us to discuss your requirements.

Always contact us before arriving.

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Pook RULES!  OK?

  1. BulletOur regular camping rates:

  2. Bullet

  3. BulletStay in the guesthouse, or one of our tents, including the tipi or the arctic tent, for €20 per person including breakfast.

  4. Bullet

  5. BulletStay in your own tent         for €5 per person.                   

  6. Bullet

  7. BulletMeals at mealtimes,

or on request, from  €5

  1. BulletSpecial Occasion Days & Nights from €50

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  2. BulletContact us if you would like to organize an event, camp or visit at any time:

  3. Bulletdel@castlepook.org

  4. Bulletor 086-0600164